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Our Mission

We interview artists, musicians, performers, and interesting people from all walks of life with interesting stories.

If you know someone who deserves to be seen and heard we would love to know about it.  We try to provide exposure for people with talent because we know how difficult the entertainment industry is be seen and heard.

We enjoy helping and being even a small a part of seeing someone get a little closer to their dream. Contact us if you know someone you think we should talk to, and thank you.
The Cowboy & The Viking

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About Us


It all started in Norway....

When we met, we both knew it was something special, once in a lifetime-the heart and our love of music.


Falling in love in Norway :)

Our story continued at the Skarnsundbru (Scarnsun bridge) in Norway after coffee at a secluded cafe. We made our plans and started our new life together.


Valentine's Day in Tennessee-The deal was sealed!

Now living happily in Tennessee, and pursuing our music and a happy life together---It's Viking magic, I swear. :)

More About Us

Happy couple? You tell us!


The Viking!


The Cowboy!


A Little Kiss

We filmed this recently on location in Fayetteville TN after recording the song in Nashville.
Peter Britt & Brit Lyng

A Little Kiss ©2016PeterBritt

Cry Me a River

Filmed at County Q Studio, Nashville TN.
Peter Britt & Brit Lyng

Cry Me a River ©2016PeterBritt

The Perfect Girl From Norway

Filmed on location in Fayetteville TN. A song I wrote for Brit, well, about the perfect girl from Norway. :)

The Perfect Girl From Norway ©2016PeterBritt