From Nashville to Norway


How it happened and where we have gone!

It all began when Peter and Brit met on a country music group. The two began talking music, but quickly realized there was much more there than merely the music.

It wasn't long before Brit told Peter if he really loved her, then he had to come to Norway and get her. Brit told Peter if he truly loved this Norwegian Viking woman he had to prove it....That is exactly what Peter did, too, but that wasn't all Peter had to do; Brit told Peter he must make her a promise and prove to her he would keep the promise to her. Peter promised Brit he would write her a letter every day until they were together, and Peter did that every day for eight months until he arrived in Norway, keeping his promise to Brit. Peter spent four months in Norway and their relationship and bond grew incredibly strong. Brit came to visit Peter in Tennessee and the rest is pretty much history. Brit and Peter are now living happily in Tennessee, just South of Nashville pursuing their life together and their love of music, to share theirs with the world.

Peter and Brit are now better known as "The Cowboy & The Viking", a country music couple. Since they began they have recorded in Nashville with the finest musicians playing their music. Their country duets are reminiscent of the classical country songs that helped to build the sound of country music, but the music also spans a more modern feeling that incorporates the progressive sound that keeps country music alive. The music touches upon the old and the new, and their presentation of the music is no less than emotional and fulfilling.

 Additionally, they started "The Cowboy & The Viking Show" in 2017 and have interviewed many artists, musicians, people with interesting stories to tell, and their most impressive personal interviews with The Marshall Tucker Band.

They have been on local radio, as well as having their music aired around the world on various radio stations. The music is happy, lively, and memorable with lyrics and melodies that tell the story of real love and devotion, the heart of country music.